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Junior English 7-10

English is offered to all students in Years 7-10 in line with the NSW English Syllabus and with consideration of the new National Curriculum. In Stage 4 (Years 7&8) and Stage 5 (Years 9&10) Katoomba offers a diverse and stimulating range of programs that provides opportunities for students to engage in the steady development of increasingly complex tasks and texts. These programs encompass a range of texts drawn from literature, mass media, film, non-fiction and everyday communications. Within these programs, students have the opportunity to study Australian, Shakespearean, classic and contemporary texts.

Technology is used in classrooms to enhance student engagement and allow them to research, learn, interact and communicate through modern processes. The introduction of the DER Laptop initiative has allowed all students technological equality and is used to support students' learning.

GATS classes are offered in both Stage 4 years and programs are offered to Stage 5 students who demonstrate talent in English. These programs aim to foster higher order thinking skills and provide for a full range of learning styles. Self-evaluation and regulation are encouraged to assist students in these programs to identify and work towards their learning goals.