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The school uniform at KHS has been strongly supported by Parents, Students and Staff.  We believe School Uniform fosters a sense of belonging amongst students and shows a commitment to the School Community.  It helps create the idea that school is a place of work and success.  The uniform is simple, practical, inexpensive and comfortable to wear.

Opening Hours:

Uniform can be purchased from the front office on Tuesdays and Fridays between 8:30am and 11:30am.

If you wish to purchase outside these hours, payment can be made via the "Make a Payment" button at the top of the Katoomba High School website. Please ensure you indicate the item description, size and quanity in the "Reference Number" field such as Junior Polo Shirt #14 x2. Orders through the online system will be filled on a Tuesday and Friday and given to the student to take home.

Junior Uniforms:

Skirt & blouseJunior girl's blouse and skirt

Unisex polo shirtJunior polo shirt - boys and girls

Long sleeved polo shirtJunior long sleeved polo shirt - boys and girls

Unisex shorts
Junior shorts - boys and girls

Sports Uniforms:

Unisex polo shirt & shortsSport polo shirt and shorts

Long sleeved polo shirt & shortsSport long sleeved polo shirt and shorts

Senior Uniforms:

Skirt & blouseSenior skirt and blouse

Unisex polo shirtSenior unisex polo shirt and skirt

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