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  • Absences If your child has to be absent from school for any reason, including arriving late or leaving early, please either tell your child's teacher or the administration assistant at our school, or explain the reason by phone (47822622), email ( [email protected] ), or written note as soon as possible. Absence Explanation Form (pdf, 15 KB)

  • Assessment Task Extension If you require an extension to the due date for an assessment task, you need to complete the following form and submit it to the appropriate Head Teacher prior to the due date of the assessment task. Assessment Task Extension Application (pdf, 13 KB)

  • Bell Times Katoomba High School operates on a 6 period day, with 30 minutes each for recess & lunch breaks. BELL TIMES (pdf 183 KB)
  • Bookpack & Equipment List A list of the books & equipment required for students in Years 7 to 10. Book list (pdf 63 KB)
  • Change of Student Details If any contact details change, such as new phone number, address or name, then you need to inform the school so that the school can update its' records. Uptodate contact details are important, especially in cases of illness or emergencies. Change Student Details (pdf, 20 KB)

  • Illness/Misadventure If, due to illness or misadventure, you were: unable to attend an examination; submit an assessment task on time; or you believe that the illness or misadventure had an impact on your ability to complete the examination satisfactorily, then you need to complete the following form and submit it along with any documentation. For formal examinations submit the forms to your Year Adviser within 3 days of the examination. For assessment tasks, submit the forms and assessment task to the relevant Head Teacher on your first day of return to school after the due date.
  • Illness/Misadventure Form (pdf, 11 KB)

  • Permission to Publish The school requires permission from parents/caregivers to publish their child's image and/or name in various promotions. Completed forms are to handed in at the school's Front Office. Permission2Publish (pdf 103 KB)

  • Statutory Declaration Statutory Declaration Form (pdf, 6 KB)